easily_obsessed (easily_obsessed) wrote in vmars_talk,

Veronica Mars UK Fans Needed

Veronica Mars Season 1 ended last Tuesday and we loved it!!
Unfortunately the channel which it aired on in the UK "Living TV"
aired it at an very uncompensated time - 6pm - Daily!! Which caused
many viewers to miss some episode - or to not catch the show at all
due to the bad time slot and poor advertisement of the show!
A community has been set up at http://www.biteme.tv/forum/index.php?
For UK Veronica Mars Fans to get together and talk about the show -
as well as putting ideas together to Champaign for More Veronica Mars
on TV!! - Season 1 repeat at a better time and for season 2, as Living
TV are still undecided about buying the rights to show season 2! - So
please contact Living TV at - enquiries@livingtv.co.uk and say how
much you love the show and that you want season 2! Please Help to
save this show on UK TV!!

- Jade
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